It is with an extremely heavy, shattered heart that I’m having to announce that I will not be re-opening.

I took a simple fall October 2018, and in doing so I re injured my right rotator cuff that was previously repaired in 2010.

In taking that fall, I severed all 4 rotator cuff muscles as well as my outer bicep, leaving me with my outer skin holding my arm in place. The “show” went on until this past September when I had Superior Capsular Reconstruction surgery, a graft and 9 more screws were added to the 3 from the previous repair to secure my shoulder. This is a new procedure. A high success rate, but it came with a lengthy recovery. With the help of my Physio therapist Julie Smith and Kinesiologist Rachel Jorgensen at Georgian Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy, our hope with this is a 95-100% full functioning shoulder.

The risk for me if I don’t take the care and time to heal it, the fail rate is mirrored to the hopeful outcome.

I just simply ran out of time....

This July would have been 25 years for Sergio’s. many memories that have been built in twenty five years!

This journey began after a car accident I was involved in at the corner of Hwy 93 & Vinden back in 1989. ( the stop lights that are there now were activated from this accident). I was bricking houses for my dad’s business at the time, and I suffered a cracked spine. That was the end of THAT business. After a 2 year recovery, I probably delivered your mail for 3 years, until I was bumped out due to seniority on November 5th of 1994. November 6th is when the very first attempt at my signature sauce was created.


Back to my kitchen I went and with a hope, a prayer, and no culinary experience at all, I gave birth to Sergio’s July 1995.

It would be impossible for me to thank EVERYONE who has touched my heart over these past 25 years.

I just wish I could’ve gone out on my own terms.

In 2008, I had both my knees repaired, my shoulder, the first time, in 2010, a rod..two screws and a titanium disc in my lower back 2012, the shingles virus in my right eye 2015, both lenses replaced in my eyes 2016, and now the second repair to my shoulder.

Every time the bell rang, I always came out of my corner and fought my fight. Every time!!

But this time, this time it’s time for me to tap out. The risk is too real for me this time.

To my girls over the 25 years, I bear so much love and gratitude for EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!! You were an integral part of the fibre which made Sergio’s. We shared so much laughter AND some tears! I truly hope I was kind to you over all.

And finally, my family.

If I could change ONE thing over the 25 years, I would have spent more time with you all. You don’t really look at things until you have time to sit and reflect, which I have had 5 months to do so....
I hope that I have made you proud of me ❤️

Thank you for the support over these past years and for all the kind wishes during this recovery.

I am so very grateful that you were a part of my journey.

I will truly miss you all so very much...


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